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About Us – Our Story

About Us. Digital Max Marketing started out of necessity to help others.  In 2009, Many people were out of work because of  the depression. Busineses were closing down, because they were closing everywher. really took a turn for the worst. Familitsselling businesses, homes and moving to cheaper places to live. Thats when we stated helping our clients with thier websits.

Many of our customers came to us and asked for help. Often were asked, “How do you keep your business on the first page of Google?” We soon realized many busineses were not on the top pages of search engines,  Many did not even have a web site if they did was not seen on google top pages. That was the beginning of Digital Max. Born with a motto to have imperfect action. ” You will never make it perfect.” Just Do it and strive for excellence as you grow.”

Keeping It Simple!

There were a lot of business struggling to stay in business. We were asked by several clients to help them with their business so we did.

We have never looked back, It was the right thing to do. It has always been great Fun to help others grow and accomplish their goals. So with out doubt we can help you.

We only take on a few clients at at time. It’s very important to us that we keep the high standards that our business was built on.

We have a few requirements for our targeted client. Continued Reading Link  Discovery Page.

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